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Good Health Begins With Good Water

Unfortunately for us, Water supplies from rivers, dams and bores are very polluted – even our rainwater tanks are not safe anymore. All water supplies require some form of treatment to make the water safe to use and safe to drink.

Here at So Fresh Wide Bay we are real serious about the water we supply.

At So Fresh Wide Bay have invested in the very best methods of treatment (or filtration) and we guarantee that you will have the best tasting and safest water to drink.

For the technically minded, we have installed several water treatment systems before a very sophisticated desalination plant. This system uses reverse osmosis membranes to effectively reject up to 98% of cation, anion and organic substances – as well as hundreds of toxins, bacteria and viruses.

This unit self cleans as it purifies the water. The permeate (purified) water then goes to a sealed stainless steel tank.

A pressure pump then pushes the water through a medical grade-polishing filter to ensure a crisp refreshing taste.

The bottles are cleaned with purified water and blasted with an ozone steriliser for total safety.

Exclusive Filtration Process

The Water Filtration Process Before So Fresh is delivered to our customers, it must go through a very controlled treatment process to ensure you have the best tasting and safest water! Click the graphic above to view larger. Filtration

Ensuring Absolute Purity.

Our Quality Control programme consists of a series of digital readout meters to monitor the water quality as well as having it tested by an Independent Laboratory. A Water Quality Specialist oversees all of this.

The Body's Need For Good Water

Next to Oxygen water is the most essential element required to sustain human life! You are approx. 70% Water, so quantity and quality are very important. Therefore the water you drink can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. What are the health benefits? Click Here to find out!

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