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Which So Fresh Water Delivery Product Do You Need?

So you’ve decided to invest in a So Fresh purified water service. Congratulations! As well as enjoying hassle free purified water, you’ll also benefit from free delivery and maintenance at a time that suits you. That’s what you get when you deal with a local business.

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5 Ways Good Water Will Help You Survive Summer

We all need water. Think of your body as a finite river that should be refreshed every day – you never lose every drop and you never will, but the sweat you expend on a hot one can place a high demand on your physiology. Australia is the capital of “hot ones” and while we may not have the monopoly on sweaty summer, we’re definitely experts. If you’d rather reach for a can of cola over a glass of good quality water, take a minute or two and let us change your mind in five points.

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3 H20 Benefits That You Can’t Go Past This Summer

Water articles always tout the health benefits of downing 7 glasses a day, ignoring the fun perks that will arise from substituting your daily sugar fix with a H20 alternative. It is important to be healthy, to eat well and exercise, but there’s more to the benefit reel than you’ll live longer, lower cholesterol, increase overall metabolism, improve the appearance of skin tone and enjoy a more energetic lifestyle. If that doesn’t speak to you, check out these three H20 benefits you won’t be able to go past this summer.

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The weather is heating up and to help battle dehydration we have teamed up with SQWINCHER.

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Sqwincher Heat Stress Safety Video

Sqwincher is Australia and Americas leading electrolyte enhanced beverage used for industrial application. Research comparing 53 electrolyte products, independent tests with food technologists, interviews with medical professionals and sports nutrition experts have identified 5 key reasons why Sqwincher is the leading choice for safe effective hydration.

  1. Taste & Palatability
  2. Delivery Formats
  3. Low Sodium
  4. Sugar & Sugar free options
  5. Low cost per serve

For our customers who already receive bottled water from us this is a great product because all you need to do is JUST ADD WATER. The most popular Sqwincher products are the Qick Stiks where you add the small sugar sized sachet of Sqwincher to your 600ml water bottle for instant hydration.

Sqwincher comes in 6 great flavours

  • Lemon Lime
  • Orange
  • Wild Berry
  • Tropical Cooler
  • Grape
  • Lemonade

Another great product is the 2L bottles of Sqwincher concentrate that you can add to your cup for easy hydration.



Sqwincher is Australia and Americas leading hydration drink for industry

Sqwincher is Australia and Americas leading hydration drink for industry



Cafe Bean @ Saskia

Café Bean (@ Saskia), East Bundaberg has been offering its customers free “So Fresh” purified water since November 2013.  We have been very happy with the services provided by the friendly team at So Fresh.  We also have received much positive feedback from our customers about the “So Fresh” water.  We recommend you try it!

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