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Why You Need To Reduce Bottled Water Usage!

Why You Need To Reduce Bottled Water Usage!

Bottled water usage is something we are all guilty of. After all, it does seem like a convenient way to consume water on the run. But what is the true cost of bottled water usage? The cost of bottled water usage is far higher than most of us realise. And with so many easy, cost-effective and trouble-free alternatives, it’s time to start thinking about what we can do to reduce bottled water usage. We think that a great place to start is with water coolers. Water coolers offer pure, high quality, and chilled water in an easy to access way. The best part: no harmful plastic bottles are necessary!

#1 High bottled water usage causes increases in marine plastic pollution

If you have seen the latest plastic pollution projections, you will be aware of how dire they are. In fact, scientists estimate that in the near future, plastic will outweigh marine life in our oceans. That’s a terrifying thought. So what is driving this influx of plastic into our marine systems? Well, there are a lot of things. But one of the most prominent is bottled water usage. Bottled water usage drives a lot of plastic waste into our oceans. Plastic bottles are light, buoyant, and have a terrible habit of entering creeks and rivers after they have been discarded. And of course, once they’re in the creeks, they find their way out to sea pretty quickly.

#2 Plastic bottles do not biodegrade – once they’re in the ecosystem, they are there for years

Plastic is not the only thing that’s choking up our ecosystems. But it is by far the most harmful. And there’s a simple reason why: plastic is not biodegradable. That means when plastic enters the ecosystem, it’s in it for the long haul. Something as lightweight as a plastic shopping bag can remain present in the ecosystem for over one hundred years. So imagine how long a more heavyweight plastic bottle will stick around.

#3 High bottled water usage drives the costly production of plastic

We live in a supply and demand society. So when our bottled water usage is high, so too is the production of plastic water bottles. And they are not cheap to produce. Plastic is produced a number of different ways – all of which require a lot of energy, and produce a lot of waste. Basically, plastic bottles have caused a great deal of environmental damage before their production is even complete.

#4 A vast number of plastic bottles end up in landfill and that’s a result of high bottled water usage

So we’ve mentioned the damage that plastic bottles do to our ecosystem. But how do they get there in the first place? Despite a push towards recycling in the past few decades, a lot of our water bottles make their way into landfill. And once they’re in landfill, they’re there to stay. Recycling can help address this, but as we mentioned above, even recycling consumes a lot of power, which isn’t great for the environment. So let’s take the first steps and reduce our bottled water usage.

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