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Why water coolers are the best for your home

Why water coolers are the best for your home

Bundaberg is a warm subtropical area that often experiences a fair bit of heat and humidity during summer. This means that remaining hydrated is of paramount importance. Research shows that individuals who are consistently dehydrated and do not drink enough water are prone to conditions that range from headaches, to diabetes.

Unfortunately tap water can be unpleasant and there is nothing worse than turning on your tap on a hot day for a drink of water, only to find that the water you get is as warm as the air around you. This is not uncommon, as many of the water mains throughout Queensland are subject to harsh heat for hours at a time and this can give your water an unpleasant taste and temperature. Water coolers are the perfect solution for this and can be kept inside your home, away from direct sunlight to provide you with cool, refreshing and pure water at all times The convenience offered by water coolers encourages you to remain hydrated and helps you beat the heat of a Bundaberg summer.

Choosing a water cooler for your Bundaberg home

Choosing a water cooler for your home is quite simple: choose one from a company that is dedicated to making your life simpler. The water in your water cooler will run out, which means replacements are necessary, however this needn’t be a hassle with the right company. A good water cooler company will deliver your water to your doorstep – after all, water is heavy and the last thing you want is to be hauling water across town in the middle of summer. In fact, the best water cooler provider in Bundaberg offers you free water delivery, so you can rest assured that your water will be replaced frequently and at no extra cost to you. You shouldn’t feel as though you have to settle for a water cooler that is not perfectly suited to your needs. That is why you should look for a company that offers you a wide variety of options and accessories, such as bench top coolers for those with limited floor space, or hot and cold coolers, for those who want to make tea or coffee more conveniently.

The advantages of water coolers

There are incredible advantages to buying a water cooler and these include health benefits, convenience and more. Buying a water cooler can genuinely help you take the first steps to a healthier lifestyle with fresh, filtered water available on demand.

#1 Convenience

The convenience of a water cooler is second to none, and this is something that has been echoed by water cooler owners for a long time. Many water coolers come with a wide variety of accessories and these can all help you save time in your busy life. Disposable cups are available with some units and they are great for when you’re on the run, or you can get a safety tap fitted for hot water, which allows you to make tea of coffee in an instant.

#2 Purified water

Purified water lacks the chemical and pollutants that are often found in tap water. Old water pipe networks, leaky plumbing systems, or polluted water sources can all pose a threat to your health and wellbeing, but with the filtered spring water in a water cooler, you are guaranteed the purest, most satisfying water in Bundaberg.

#3 Good for businesses too

Water coolers also go great in business and can really serve to make your customers feel more comfortable and welcomed. Nothing makes your retail experience greater than having access to a refreshing glass of cool water in the heat of a Bundaberg summer.

For more information on water coolers for your home, get in touch with So Fresh today the fresh water experts in Bundaberg.

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