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What Is Spring Water And How Is It Made?

What Is Spring Water And How Is It Made?

Bottled water is everywhere – from your local service stations, to the office water cooler. And if you’ve seen bottled water, you probably know that most of it is spring water. But what exactly is spring water? Well that’s a question that we get quite regularly. The fact is, spring water is a bit different than other water and that is all thanks to where it comes from. So let’s look a little more closely at the question: what is spring water and how is it made?

First, let’s address the main question: what is spring water?

Spring water is defined pretty broadly by most credible sources. Generally, the definition of spring water is water that comes from an underground aquifer. An aquifer is basically a large underground deposit of water, and aquifers exist in some pretty amazing places throughout the world. But, if you’ve heard of artesian water before, you are probably thinking that the two sound pretty similar. And you are right! Artesian water and spring water are more or less the same thing. So that’s all well and good, but if spring water comes from underground, how is it so pure? Well that’s a question we answer below.

Now you know what spring water is, we can look at how it is made

As spring water comes from large underground water basins, you probably think that it must be a little dirty. But that’s far from the case. Spring water actually undergoes one of the most incredible processes of natural filtration just to get to the surface. Spring water gets to the surface through springs themselves, and that’s where all the magic happens. Springs are usually found in areas with thick bedrock – usually limestone. The water rises through the limestone, which has a relatively soft texture. As it rises, the rock itself filters out many of the impurities. That’s why springs always seem so pure and clear.

When it surfaces, spring water is collected in a number of different ways

But if you’ve seen a spring before, you’ve probably noticed that they are usually pretty small. How do we collect so much drinking water from such a seemingly small source? Well there are a lot of methods for collecting spring water. But most of the time, water is extracted from the underground basin, or aquifer, itself. And this is done by creating wells. Wells are one of the best ways to access underground water. They also maintain the purity of the water, as the rocky nature of the aquifers filters the water pretty effectively.

Spring water is very pure, but it is still treated before being bottled

Of course, even the purest spring water undergoes stringent filtration before it is bottled. You can think of this as the last line of defence. Even though aquifers are remarkably pure already, there is always the chance that some chemical impurities may pass through. That’s why all spring water suppliers take careful steps to ensure that your bottled water or water coolers are of the highest purity possible.

What is spring water’s main benefit? Well, there are many!

So there you have it – hopefully that has answered your question of what it spring water. And that leaves just one question: what is spring water’s main benefit? Spring water has a myriad of great benefits, from high mineral content, to exceptional purity. And for us, it’s pretty hard to overlook the importance of spring water’s purity. Having access to some of the most naturally pure water on earth is a great luxury, and it’s certainly something we appreciate! So if you want to enjoy the best of Australia’s spring water, get in touch!

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