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benefits of drinking water for your skin

Top 10 Benefits Of Drinking Water For Your Skin

Drinking water benefits your entire body, but often you don’t get to see these benefits. However, there is one place that they really shine: your skin! Drinking water has great benefits for your skin – here are the top ten!

Water delivers nutrients to your skin cells, so drinking plenty is the only way to maintain elasticity

Skin elasticity: it controls how supple your skin looks, and how healthily it behaves. But getting the perfect elasticity in your skin can seem challenging. If it does, chances are you’re not drinking enough water. Drinking water is the only way to get the full benefits of great skin elasticity. Water transports nutrients to your skin cells, and keeps them hydrated.

Dry skin and dehydration are closely linked: drinking water will keep your skin hydrated

So what happens if your skin cells aren’t getting enough water? They dry up! Often, we blame our environmental surrounding for dry skin. But most of the time, it’s coming from within. Drinking water will benefit your skin almost immediately – especially in dry weather.

Anti-aging cream vs drinking water: keeping up your H20 is more important than cosmetic creams

Cosmetics are all about getting that young skin. But we can spend hundreds on creams and still not get it. Usually, that’s because we aren’t drinking enough water. H20 is the key to healthy skin, and drinking lots of water will give you the best chance of gaining all those benefits and more.

Drinking water detoxifies and flushes impurities from your system: here’s how that benefits skin

Your skin isn’t a stand-alone part of your body – it works with your whole metabolic system. So taking care of your insides is just as important, and drinking plenty of water is the best way to do so. Drinking water keeps your organs running smoothly. And when they do, they flush out nasty toxins from your system. In turn, this prevents those toxins from leaving your body through your pores. Healthy insides mean healthy skin!

Drinking water improves your metabolic activity and reduces stress, which benefits your skin!

Wrinkles, frown lines, and skin inflammation are all signs of stress. And stress is linked to the health of your brain, in a lot of cases. Believe it or not, drinking water can lower stress, and therefore benefit your skin. So next time you’re having a tough day at work, reach for the water bottle rather than the coffee cup, and see the benefits for yourself.

Water can benefit your skin without you even drinking it: use hot water to open your pores

When our pores contract, they also congest. Particles of dirt and dead skin cells can be caught up in them, and create blackheads as a result. This is where warm water can help; you get all the benefits to your skin without even drinking it! Simply apply a hot wet towel to your face, and your pores will open.

Cold water is also useful for reducing inflammation or puffiness – and that’s without even drinking it

Puffy eyes can afflict all of us. But with a cold compress, soaked in cold water, you can reduce inflammation. That’s another great benefit for your skin – and without drinking any water!

Sweating is an important process to maintain healthy skin and body temperatures: drinking water is a must for that reason!

Sweating is not just unavoidable, but invaluable. It keeps our bodies and skin cool, but in doing so, expends a lot of fluids. Drinking lots of water will replenish these fluids and your skin will reap the many benefits.

Another benefit of water that doesn’t involve drinking it is water therapy: here’s how it works

Water therapy uses both hot and cold water to open your pores, then close them quickly. The result is healthy, glowing skin! All you need is a steaming hot towel, and a bowl of cold water. Apply the towel for a while, then splash the cold water on your face – it’s that simple.

Finally, let’s talk essential oils: drinking water will replenish minerals and benefit your skin’s oil production

Our pores release natural oils, which are essential for the health of our skin. Drinking lots of water will help ensure that these oils are produced and transported to our pores effectively.

To get all the benefits of drinking water for your skin, get in touch!

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