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Tips To Encourage Your Children To Drink More Water

We all need to drink more water – alarmingly, most adults don’t drink enough. So it’s little wonder that kids aren’t always inclined to drink more water than they do. However, it’s not easy to get kids to drink more water. It’s hard enough to do so yourself! So if you’re encountering some resistance from your child, what can you do to make them drink more water? Luckily, there’s plenty you can do! Here are our five favourite tips.

Water coolers – accessible water, with some novelty attached, encourages kids to drink more water

Having a water cooler in the house is actually a great way to get kids to drink more water. Water coolers have a bit of novelty to them; it’s a break from the usual tap or jug, and kids often respond well to that. It’s also a significant visual reminder to kids that they need to drink water. Those two factors are often enough to tip kids over the edge, and encourage their healthy water consumption. Of course, by itself, it won’t always be enough. Don’t worry though – we’ve got a few more tips up our sleeve!

Try mixing water with a small amount of fruit juice or sugar-free cordial to get kids to drink more water

A significant source of difficulty, when it comes to getting kids to drink more water, is sugary drinks. Kids just love sugary drinks. Often, they love them so much that water simply isn’t an acceptable substitute. And we all know how stubborn some kids can be. If you feel that you’ve exhausted all other avenues to get past this problem, we’ve got a tip: mixes!

Start by mixing plenty of water with a small amount of natural fruit juice, or sugar-free cordial. Often, just a tinge of colour will be enough to entice your child. From then, you can simply dilute it further and further, until your child is drinking pure water without even realising. This approach combines healthy hydration practices, with graduated discipline. It can certainly help get you out of an otherwise sticky bind.

Lead by example – if you’re drinking more water, your kids will be more inclined to as well

Leading by example is another way to get kids to drink more water. Most of us don’t drink enough water ourselves, so we can’t exactly expect our kids to. But if they see you with a water bottle in hand, or drinking from the cooler regularly, they’re more inclined to join in. Kids thrive when a firm example is set, and that’s one way you can both reap the rewards of hydration!

Get active! If your kids are tuckered out, they are likely to drink more water through necessity

Getting active is a great way to encourage your kids to drink more water. If your child doesn’t feel thirsty, getting them to drink is tough. So why not throw some active living in the mix, and take your kids down to the park, or onto the footy field. If your kids are hot and thirsty after some exercise, a cool glass of water or three is all they’ll be thinking about!

Always send your kids to school with a water bottle – drinking more water is easiest when it is accessible

Finally, make sure your child always has water on hand. Water coolers are a great way to do so, and so are water bottles. Make sure you keep a few in the fridge so that your child doesn’t leave home without one! Accessibility is the key to healthy drinking habits, and that’s something that applies to all of us.

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