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So Fresh – Taking The Confusion Out Of Water

Do you want a bottle of water? If so, you’ll have to choose a variety first! It seems almost incredible sometimes, but there are so many varieties of water available. There’s everything from your standard tap water, to vitamised water, deionised water, coconut water and so much more. So how on earth are you supposed to know what to choose? Well, it’s simpler than you may think. For the most part, you will only need to choose between purified, spring, or filtered water. And with this quick guide, that shouldn’t be an issue.

Purified, spring, or filtered water – what’s the difference?

Before we know whether to choose purified, spring, or filtered water, we need to cover their differences. So what exactly are they? We’ll cover each in more detail below, but here’s a bit of a rundown. Purified water is the broadest category of the three. It includes every type of water that has been purified in some way. Then there’s spring water, which comes from a spring, and filtered water, which has been purified a certain way. Does this mean that some are better than others? Not necessarily, but there are a few important distinctions that we’ll touch on below.

Purified water is a pretty broad term – here’s what it means

Purified water: it’s a very broad term that’s really all in the name. Any water that has undergone any type of purification process is purified water. That means all of your drinking water, and even some non-potable water is purified water. So that limits your choices a little bit – there’s no way you can choose drinking water that isn’t purified! That means your options are really only filtered or spring water, both of which are purified differently.

Filtered water is basically a type of purified water that has achieved purification through filtration

Filtered water has been purified by – you guessed it – filtration! Filtration is the oldest, and still one of the most effective methods of purification. However, the process has developed a lot over the years. When you think of filtration, some sort of sieve probably comes to mind. But, luckily, filtration technology is far more advanced than that. Drinking water has undergone the highest level of filtration, to remove any impurities. This filtration process involves many stages, and each stage is designed to filter out finer impurities than the last. The end result of that process is effectively purified water, that is ready to drink. How does that measure up to spring water? Let’s take a look.

Spring water is purified and filtered the natural way – it only requires minimal artificial purification!

Spring water is purified with a few elements of the filtration process. The only difference is that this process occurs completely naturally! Springs are essentially where underground water rises to the surface. And that might not sound too pure, but it is actually the purest natural water you can get. Most of the time, in fact, spring water is ready to drink as it is. That’s because spring water travels through considerable lengths of clean sand, rock, and limestone. These materials make great filters, and they remove impurities very efficiently. That means spring water only needs a relatively small amount of artificial purification before it gets to your water cooler!

When it comes to choosing purified, spring, or filtered water, we go with spring every time!

So, do you choose purified, spring, or filtered water? Now that you’re up to date on the differences between the three, you can make an informed decision. All are suitable for drinking, but when given the choice, we always go for spring water. It’s refreshing, pure, and derived from some of the world’s cleanest water sources.

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