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Home Water Purifier

Investing in a Home Water Purifier? Read This First!

Home water purifiers are increasing in popularity. It’s not uncommon to see them in kitchens, bathrooms, and even showers! But what exactly is all the hype about? Before you go looking for a home water purifier, there are some things you need to consider. After all, home water purifiers can be an expensive investment. So let’s take a look at everything there is to know about home water purifiers, so you can make an informed decision.

Home water purifiers have many advantages – here are a few

Let’s start with the advantages – home water purifiers offer many. For starters, there’s the taste. Although Australian drinking water is up there with the purest in the world, it still offers some undesirable tastes. Those tastes could be a result of many things. First, there’s the additives.

Tap water contains additives including chlorine, which are important to rid the water of impurities. But it does leave a flavour. There’s also acidity, which can vary depending on where you are in Australia, and ultimately affect flavour. Home water purifiers remove that slight taste, and often leave water feeling more refreshing and enjoyable.

Are home water purifiers preferable to regular tap water? There are pros and cons!

So, is water from a home purifier preferable to regular tap water? Well, in some senses it sure is. Home water purifiers consistently produce water that people rate as better tasting than plain tap. Certainly, water purifiers do remove a lot of minor impurities from the water. But ultimately, water purifiers and tap water come from the same source. By and large, what you’re consuming is the same product – even if there is a slight difference in taste.

What are the alternatives to home water purifiers?

By now, you might be wondering if there are any alternatives to home water purifiers. Our answer: absolutely! Let’s start with the most obvious – bottled water. Bottled water is readily available, and it’s the first choice for a lot of Australians. But it has some pretty insidious characteristics, specifically, waste.

So many of the plastic water bottles that carry bottled water end up in landfill. Being plastic, they don’t break down for years and years. When they do start to decompose, they simply produce micro plastics, which are even more harmful. Luckily, that’s not the only alternative to home water purifiers and tap water.

Water coolers are a great alternative to home water purifiers, and tap water – here’s why

Water coolers offer the best of both worlds. They have the pure, clean tasting, and refreshing water promised by water purifiers. And they come in reusable containers, which produce minimal waste. Essentially, water coolers are an environmentally friendly, and refreshing compromise. They have some other advantages too. Water coolers are visible, which means they are a constant reminder to drink more water! They also offer cool water, which is a must in the depths of a Queensland summer.

Enjoy the advantages of natural filtered spring water, with home water coolers!

By far the best advantage of water coolers is their purity. Water coolers contain all-natural spring water, that has been filtered by nature, and filtered again using the latest in advanced filtration techniques. It shows, too; spring water from a water cooler is known for its clean, refreshing, and crisp taste.

It’s also known to be a natural wonder, offering pure hydration with minimal human input. If you’re looking for spring water coolers for your home, contact specialist providers and see what they can offer you. Usually, you won’t have a problem getting pure spring water refills delivered to your doorstep, whenever you need it.

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