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Conserve Water In Your Home

How To Conserve Water In Your Home

Water conservation is absolutely vital – especially in a country like Australia, where you can never take it for granted. But we all rely so heavily on water. As a result, conserving water isn’t always a straightforward exercise. So what can we do at home to conserve water?

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of things we can do to cut down our water usage at home. Some are more effective than others, but they’re all easy! To help you get started on your water conservation journey, we’ve compiled a list of water-saving measures you can take. Read on to find out more!

Running taps can use up to ten litres of water every minute; conserve water by turning them off

A running tap can use up to ten litres of water a minute. So if you leave your tap running for just fifteen seconds, you can expend up to two and a half litres of water. That means things like leaving the tap on while you brush your teeth can use more water than you think. If you limit your use of taps to the bare essentials, and ensure it’s turned off when it needs to be, you can save a lot of water. That’s a great tip for two reasons. First, it’s effective – the numbers speak for themselves. But also, it’s easy! Turning off your tap when you don’t need to run it is a very simple way to save water. It requires no effort at all.

If you want to conserve water, get a water cooler – here’s how it can help

Humans have to drink water – there’s no way around that. But the way we drink water can help us minimize waste. Take water coolers for example. If you’ve got a water cooler, you can cut down on the amount of water you waste. Here’s how: when you have a water cooler, you use it exclusively for drinking. Every time you fill up a cup, you drink it, and it’s not wasted. When you turn on a tap, on the other hand, you’re less likely to think about what you’re doing. You may leave the tap running a little longer than necessary, or you may forget to turn it off completely. Each drop that leaves the tap should be utilised – and with a water cooler, it is! There’s no better way to save water than avoiding waste.

Make sure your plumbing is in good condition if you want to conserve water

Plumbing is what connects your home to your water supply. All the water your drink comes through plumbing of one variety or another. So why not start there to conserve water? Old, deteriorating, or dodgy plumbing can leak vast quantities of water every year. Most of us don’t even notice! But qualified plumbers do, and they can help. By fitting your plumbing systems with new, and high-quality components, you can reduce the amount of water that escapes your plumbing.

Buy native plants for your garden – here’s how it helps you conserve water in the backyard

Gardens require a lot of water. In fact, they can be the biggest consumer of water in a home. But there’s one great way to cut back on the amount of water your garden needs. By getting native plants, you can create a beautiful garden. But better still, you can create a tough one. Native plants have evolved to the conditions, and they can survive off rainwater alone!

So not only do they require less water, they require less work from you! So next time you’re planting a garden, take a look at some native options and conserve more water around the house by doing so.

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