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Reasons To Drink More Water

50 Reasons To Drink More Water

Here are fifty reasons why you should be drinking as much water as possible!

#1 Drink more water if you want to lose weight!

#2 Drinking water helps your nails stay in great condition

#3 Shiny hair is another reason to drink more water – here’s how it helps

#4 Keep your skin healthy by drinking more water!

#5 There are plenty of benefits to drinking water on an empty stomach – another reason to hydrate!

#6 Your thoughts depend on the electrical functioning of your brain – water can help

#7 Speaking of brains, yours is mostly water – here’s what that means

#8 Losing energy? That’s another reason to drink more water

#9 Your nervous system is closely linked to your brain’s function – water will improve both

#10 Not all headaches are tension headaches – sometimes it’s just dehydration!

#11 Reducing your risk of serious illness is a great reason to drink more water

#12 Kidney stones: they’re painful, and often preventable by drinking more water

#13 Speaking of kidneys, that’s where toxins accumulate – flush them out with water!

#14 Add regular water to your weight loss routine

#15 Muscle cells need water to function – drink more water to help yours

#16 Healthy urine is straw colours – keep yours that way with water

#17 You’re constantly losing fluids, which is the main reason you need to drink more water

#18 Drink plenty of water before a visit to the doctors – it helps your veins stand out

#19 Major organs don’t take long to fail without water, which is a compelling reason to drink!

#20 Bones require plenty of water to remain strong and healthy

#21 Water is key for regulating body temperature – without it you’ll be cold!

#22 Water is important for good bowel function, which doesn’t sound great but is still vital!

#23 Sore, dry lips are usually preventable: keep up the water, and see how you go

#24 Most of us don’t urinate often enough, and dehydration is the reason for that

#25 Got a dry mouth? That’s one reason you need to drink far more water

#26 Digesting food takes a toll on your body if you’re not drinking enough water

#27 Despite its size, skin is the last organ to receive water – drink until your skin is supple!

#28 Serious dehydration can cause your bowels and intestines to shut down altogether – and nobody likes constipation

#29 Research has linked persistent dehydration with low mood – have a glass of water and cheer up

#30 With so many positive health effects, drinking more water can actually make you a happier person

#31 Joint pain is often exacerbated by dehydration, which is a great reason to drink plenty of water

#32 Water directs the flow of vital nutrients throughout your body, so make sure you’ve got enough

#33 Our eyes require a lot of water – without it, they’ll dry up and you might feel blurry-eyed

#34 Sweating is one of our most important bodily functions and, you guessed it, it uses LOTS of water

#35 With optimal brain function heavily dependent on water, you can even see mental side effects to dehydration

#36 Staying hydrated is a good way to get sick less

#37 Already sick? Keeping up the fluids will help with a swift recovery

#38 Blocked noses often occur as a result of congested and viscous mucous. Keep it runny with water!

#39 Drinking water will aid in the regeneration of your red blood cells, which has plenty of flow on effects

#40 If you’ve just donated blood, drinking a LOT of water is essential to help your recovery

#41 Our glands require a fair bit of water to service the tissue across our body

#42 If you’re exercising, you absolutely need to water to increase your performance

#43 In Queensland, we need more water that people in colder climates – sometimes twice as much!

#44 Drinking water will help you reduce your intake of harmful sugary drinks – that’s a plus

#45 Drinking plenty of water will also help you cut down on alcohol

#46 Had a few drinks last night? Lots of water will help you shed that nasty hangover

#47 Drinking water sets a good example for your kids, who need to learn about the importance of water early

#48Urinary tract infections are bad news for everyone. Reduce their frequency by drinking more water

#49 If you’ve been training hard, drinking water will allow your muscles to recover and grow

#50 If you don’t drink water, you’ll fall sick – we can’t think of a better reason than that!

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