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valuable water saving tips

5 Valuable Water Saving Tips

Australia is one the driest continents on Earth. And although it might not feel like it in coastal Queensland, we are not immune! Just a few months of unusually dry weather can see our dams and lakes lose a little water. In the grips of drought, the effects are unsurprisingly more extreme. That’s why proactive action is important. But what can we do to save water? There is no shortage of water saving tips, so we have listed our five favourites here.

Leaky taps and poor plumbing costs water: a great water saving tip is to get your plumbing fixed

One drop at a time mightn’t seem like a massive deal. But when it happens all day, every day, day in and day out, it makes quite the difference. Getting a plumber to go over your plumbing with a fine toothed comb is a really effective way to cap your water usage. To make a meaningful difference, all it takes sometimes is a new washer, or some new fittings.

Collecting rainwater is a fantastic way to save water, and a useful tip for anyone building a home

Fortunately, in some parts of Queensland, we are blessed with everything from the odd downpour to an all-out rainy deluge. Both events are fantastic opportunities to stock up on water, and save yourself consuming reserve stocks of water in future. All you need is a sturdy rainwater tank. You can get these plumbed into your home and your main water source. Or, alternatively, you can simply set one up to catch rainwater for your garden. Either option will make a difference, and save you money! That’s definitely something to think about if you’re in the planning stages of a new home, too.

Collecting grey water to tip on your garden is an excellent way to reduce water consumption

Most of our water is lost to the drain, whether it’s in a bathtub, a shower, or the sink. That water is generally of no use to us, but it may be just what your garden is looking for. If you’re used to watering your garden with a hose, why not make the switch to grey water? Collecting grey water when you have a shower or bath is a really useful way to cut down on water use. And the best part is that your garden won’t mind in the slightest!

Update old appliances such as washing machines: this is a great tip for anyone looking to save water

The electricity star rating is a great way to know whether or not you have energy efficient appliances. But what about water efficiency? Appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers use water. And of these appliances, different models consume water at different rates. Most of the time, older models will use more water than they strictly need to. So upgrading your appliances to more water-efficient models will normally reduce your water consumption. You’ll probably get the added bonus of better quality, and higher energy efficiency too!

This is the best of our water saving tips: get a water cooler to cut down on drinking water wastage

Water is our most important commodity; it fuels our lives every single day. Luckily, we have options that allow us to stay hydrated in the most water efficient way. And of these options, water coolers are our favourite. When you have a visual representation of how much water you’re using, you can stay informed. And with chilled water at your disposal, we are prepared to bet that very little of it will go to waste! With a water cooler in your home, office, or both, you can easily stay on top of your hydration, and water consumption.
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