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5 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Water In The Morning

5 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Water In The Morning

We all know that drinking water is important. Whether it’s day time, night time, morning, or afternoon, drinking water is the only way to stay hydrated. But, like breakfast, what we drink in the morning sets us up for the day. And when you look at some of the amazing benefits of drinking water in the morning, that is certainly clear! Drinking water in the morning has benefits most of us aren’t even aware of. So to fill you in, we’ve put together this list.

Soft, hydrated skin is the first benefit of drinking water in the morning

Our skin is one of the first things to benefit from a few glasses of water in the morning. Chances are, you know what it’s like to wake up with dry skin. And there are so many things you can blame for it, like the weather, the fan, or even the air conditioner. But by far the biggest cause of dry skin is dehydration. It makes perfect sense really; if you’re dehydrated, then so is your skin. Having plenty of water to drink every morning will hydrate your whole body, including your skin. The difference will no doubt amaze you.

Drinking water in the morning activates your brain, and benefits your alertness more than coffee

Waking up normally involves a bit of a foggy head and some residual drowsiness. Most of us rely on coffee to get us going before heading to work. But drinking water is another great way to get your head into gear. Water is necessary for our bodies to function in every respect, including circulation, organ function, and much more. So if our bodies are working better, and our blood is circulating well, plenty of oxygen is getting to our brains. It follows that we will feel sharper and more alert. And you don’t even have to forfeit your morning coffee! Although it’s important to remember that caffeine can have a dehydrating effect. Of course, that’s easy to counter; just have more water!

Had a big night? Drinking water in the morning will flush out your kidneys and benefit digestion

If you enjoyed last night’s festivities a little too much, it is especially important to open your day with water. In fact, you should drink as much water as you can as soon as you wake up. Water flushes out our digestive organs, including those that process foreign toxins, like the kidney and liver. Drinking lots of water in the morning will benefit your recovery more than anything else.

Dry lips? Drinking water in the morning will help prevent dry lips during the day!

Dry lips are a pet peeve of many people. They’re uncomfortable, at times unsightly, and generally undesirable. For most, the solution is lip balm. And, although that’s definitely one solution, drinking water in the morning is another. Drinking water in the morning will hydrate your lips and make the skin fuller and healthier. Our lips are one of the key signs of hydration; if yours are dry, then chances are you’re dehydrated.

We get dehydrated as we sleep, so the biggest benefit of drinking water in the morning is hydration

In sunny Queensland, the nights don’t always offer us the temperature reprieve that we would like. As a result, dehydration is more than likely, even when we sleep. If you can add a litre of water to your morning routine, you will be amazed at the benefits you receive. Our bodies function so much better when hydrated, and there are plenty of long and short term health benefits.

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