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4 Shocking Reasons to Give up Sugary Drinks Today

4 Shocking Reasons to Give up Sugary Drinks Today

So it’s no surprise that sugary drinks aren’t the best for your body. But surely a little indulgence every now and then can’t hurt – right? Well, that might not necessarily be true. As studies into the health implications of sugary drinks become more and more common, one thing is clear: sugary drinks are very bad for your health! But what makes them so bad? Is it the sugar? Is it the artificial additives? The answer is all that and more. So let’s take a look at four good reasons to give up sugary drinks today. Some of them might even surprise you! The bottom line: opt for water over sugary drinks.

#1 Heart disease and sugary drinks are linked by science!

We all know that sugary drinks can negatively affect your health. But most of the time, all we think of is obesity or tooth decay. So what does that actually mean? Well it means a whole range of things and – spoiler alert – none of them are good! But one stands above the rest as probably the worst side effect of sugary drinks: heart disease. Heart disease has been linked time and time again to various heart conditions. The high sugar content leads to obesity, visceral fat and high blood pressure, just to name a few! In fact, studies have shown that those who consume sugary drinks the most are 20% more likely to suffer from heart disease! That is a statistic that you don’t want to mess around with.

#2 Need that little sugar hit on your lunch break? Sugary drinks are not the answer

It’s just after lunchtime and you can feel yourself crashing. You get drowsy and your concentration dissolves. Time for a sugary drink – or is it? Sugary drinks are often used for energy – after all, they do have mountains of sugar and caffeine! But will they really help? Research has shown that high soft drink intake can actually reduce your brain function over time. So although you might feel temporarily alert, your cognitive capacity is only going to diminish as time goes by. Essentially, sugary drinks are bad for your brain. Shocking right? So what can you do instead? We suggest switching your sugary drink for a bottle of water. And as for your sugar hit, try fruit! Fruit is high in sugar too, but without the nasty side effects.

#3 Kidneys and sugary drinks don’t get along

Which of your organs actually does all the legwork when it comes to digesting your sugary drink? The kidney, of course! And it has its work cut out. Sugary drinks do not mix well with your kidney. In fact, it has a similar effect to alcohol in terms of toxicity. Unbelievable, right? But it’s true. Studies have demonstrated that a high intake of sugary drinks is linked to kidney disease, kidney damage and, in the long term, even kidney failure! The stakes are high, so keep that in mind next time you feel like cracking open a can of soft drink.

#4 We all know this one: Sugary drink decay your teeth!

By now, we have covered some pretty serious side effects of sugary drinks, from heart disease to kidney damage. But the list doesn’t end there! The things we have mentioned are pretty long time – but don’t let that detract from their seriousness! So let’s look at a more short-term side effect: tooth decay! Tooth decay can occur quickly, especially when sugary drinks are involved. And it’s expensive – dental work to replace decayed teeth is not cheap. It can also be painful. So don’t risk it – choose water instead!

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