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Water Cooler For Home

4 Reasons to Get a Water Cooler for Home

Water coolers are pretty popular in Australian homes, but there’s every chance you haven’t made that leap yet. You might be satisfied with tap water, fridge water, or bottled water, but water coolers are a fantastic, affordable alternative with tons of benefits, and a great way to stay hydrated. 

So forget about tepid tap water in the middle of summer, and don’t worry about having to round up all the plastic bottles for recycling. Here’s some of the top reasons you should get a water cooler for your home.

1. Beat Australia’s heat with a water cooler

Dehydration is one of the most dangerous health issues in the country. It starts before you even get thirsty, and can cause fatigue, headaches, poor concentration, and even kidney damage.

Having a water cooler is a great way to remind yourself to stay hydrated. You can set it up anywhere—from the kitchen to the garage—and quickly grab a glass of cold water as you walk past. That sort of proactivity is a great way to stay hydrated in the heat of an Australian summer.

2. Water coolers for home use

A lot of people don’t associate water coolers with home use. They’re thought to be used mainly for commercial buildings such as offices, restaurants, and cafes. But water coolers are just as valuable in the home as anywhere else. 

They’re easy to acquire—you can buy one of your own, or rent one on an ongoing basis. That means you can enjoy the luxury of fresh water delivered to your door while you’re at work. It also means you get the convenience of pure and refrigerated water at your fingertips anywhere in your house, without cumbersome and expensive plumbing!

3. Water coolers use purified water

Speaking of pure, that’s another advantage of water coolers for your home: you can choose the water you drink. Tap water is perfectly fine to drink, but it’s not to everyone’s taste, and it’s not always the purest option either. Aging plumbing, floods, bushfires, and other catastrophic events can all diminish the purity of drinking water. And in Queensland, with our famously harsh weather, floods and bushfires are common. Floods can easily spread water-borne pathogens through drinking water, while bushfires can leave bodies of water coated with ash. If those sorts of contaminants find their way into your drinking water, it could spell trouble. So play it safe—choose pure spring water from your very own filtered water cooler.

4. Water coolers can encourage your kids to drink more

Finally, here’s an advantage no parent can look past—encouraging your kids to drink more water. With such a deluge of colourful and sugary drinks available for kids, getting them to drink water can be hard. But with a water cooler in your home, things can become a lot easier. When you first get a water cooler, it’s a novel addition that your kids will probably want to interact with, and if that encourages your kids to drink a couple of extra glasses of water a day—job done!

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