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What are the differences between Spring Water and Pure Water? Spring water is commonly packaged in bottle waters and is the type of water that comes from under the ground flows naturally to the earth’s surface.

Whereas our Pure Water is sourced from our very underground supply and goes through a very controlled treatment process to make sure you have safest and best tasting water to use and drink. Types of purification include pre filtration, desalination, reverse osmosis and UV light.

Both types of water are healthy, however with bottled spring water, studies done by NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) discovered contaminants in bottled water for example phthalates, coliform and arsenic.

So Fresh Wide Bay, Making Water Delivery Easy, Simple & Affordable.

So Fresh! The only local supplier of purified water in Bundaberg.
As a locally owned and family operated company, we strive for delivering great tasting water at the best prices around! Get on board the So Fresh craze and enjoy competitive prices, free water delivery and a clean crisp taste that’s so pure you can taste it!

Here at So Fresh we understand the importance of supplying customers with a great priced product delivered free of charge. Our convenient location between Bundaberg and Childers means our customers are able to take advantage of drinking the freshest bottled water around. Our 15 litre So Fresh Premium Purified water bottles are packaged by the latest in water bottling technology ensuring absolute purity using our exclusive 6 stage ‘Health Rite’ purification process. Click here to see a visual of our filtration process.

At So Fresh, we guarantee our customers are always getting the best value for money – your needs are our first priority. Being locally owned and operated means costs are kept to an absolute minimum. We have no middleman to increase costs; our water goes straight from US, directly to YOU.

Found a better price? Let us know and we will beat it!

Enjoy the Benefits of So Fresh Premium Pure

  • Free Delivery!
  • ‘PH’ Neutral
  • No pollutants, No chemicals, No residues!
  • No minimum delivery amount
  • Never receive unnecessary water
  • Flexible to suit your specific needs
  • Best Price Guarantee – Found Better? We will beat it!

For more information about our purified water and where we delivery, please call us on 0428 747 576 or simply by sending us an online message.

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