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Refresh Your Body for Spring: Our 7 Day Detox Guide

An annual 7 day detox is a great way to not only look better and feel fabulous, it’s also one of the most effective ways to hit reset on the healthy button in regards to your diet. You know how it goes, you want to eat healthily and look after your body but the ongoing and relentless demands of life, family and your work just seem to take over. Before you know it, the occasional treat becomes a necessary evil just to survive the day. By making the time to embark upon a 7 day detox, you’re creating healthier habits that will continue to serve you well even once your 7 day detox is a distant memory.

Pure water: the most important part of any detox

It doesn’t matter whether your detox is inspired by paleo, raw vegan, the alkaline diet or liver cleansing, pure water and plenty of it, is paramount. Everyone tends to get stuck obsessing about their liver and kidneys when doing a detox, but you’ve got to get the toxins out of your cells before your liver and kidneys can deal with them and this is where water is essential.

Keeping your internal sewage system clean

Every single cell in your body should be surrounded by and bathed in fluid. Nutrients carried around in your blood diffuse across this fluid from your capillaries where they’re taken up by the cell and used for things like energy production, repair and detoxification. Your cells also secrete their wastes into this very same fluid. Your lymphatic system then collects this cellular waste and carries it to your liver, kidneys, skin and lungs to be eliminated. If your lymphatic system becomes sluggish or stagnant then your cells are literally left bathing in their own waste. One of the most common causes of lymphatic congestion is dehydration and let’s face it, deep down inside we all know that we don’t drink enough water. By drinking pure water on your 7 day detox you’ll be rehydrating your body and getting your internal lymphatic sewage system unblocked and functioning optimally.

Reset mixed messages

It’s widely known by health professionals that many times throughout the day when we get the munchies, our body doesn’t actually need food, it needs water. A side effect of our super busy modern lives is confusing the signals that your body is thirsty with thinking that it’s hungry. Focusing on water throughout your 7 day detox helps to reset these signals and is a great way to ward off cravings for sugar and junk foods. This in turn will help ensure that any weight you lose stays lost and doesn’t find its way back to your hips once your detox is finished.

How much water should you drink on your detox?

Healthy eating, exercise and plenty of pure water during your 7 day detox ensures impurities and toxins are flushed out through your liver and kidneys. Staying well hydrated also prevents a sluggish lymphatic system and a back log of cellular waste making your body sick and unwell.

But how much water do you need to drink each day on your 7 day detox? If you’re busy and you just want to get your water intake over and done with then aim to drink 500mls or a pint glass of pure water before breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you really want to maximise the results to your skin, your weight and your health then it’s recommended to focus on the following

Lymphatic-moving rehydration therapy

• Sip warm to hot pure water every 10-15 minutes throughout the day on your first detox day. Keep a thermos of hot water at your desk, or better still, look at a pure water dispenser that can provide you with instant hot water.

• If you find that your mouth is dry after the first day and you feel thirsty this is a reliable sign that dehydration is making your lymphatic system sluggish. You should continue to sip the hot water every 10-15 minutes throughout the day for the duration of your 7 day detox.

Pure water specialists

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