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Do I Need To Clean Inside My Water Cooler

Do I Need To Clean Inside My Water Cooler


Hi, my name is Matt and I’m from So Fresh! Today, I’ll be answering one of my most common asked questions by my customers and that is, ‘do I need to clean inside my water cooler?’ The quick answer is – No. But here’s the reason why.

What’s inside my water cooler?

 So here I’ve got one of our most common coolers. It’s one of our Glacia models; it’s just a room temperature and cold. If you rent a water filter from So Fresh, ninety percent of the time you’re going to have one of these guys. So why you don’t need to clean inside your water cooler is because there’s actually nothing inside the water cooler that needs cleaning. A lot of people think that there’s filters and piping and all that kind of stuff, but as you can see it’s just a plastic chilling tank. So there’s nothing really that needs cleaning inside the cooler.

Another reason why the coolers don’t need cleaning is because of our water itself. So our water is purified, which means it contains no heavy minerals, no dirt, no algae, bacteria or anything like that. So if there’s nothing in the water, no bacteria can grow. Therefore your water cooler doesn’t need cleaning. Also as a final fail safe our water is treated with UV light just before it goes into the bottle. So that prohibits any kind of algae growth or any slimy stuff that you might be able to feel growing inside your water cooler.

Simple Water Cooler Cleaning Tips

Another thing if you did want to clean it they’re really really simple. So they’re made out of a really heavy-duty industrial plastic. The only thing you can do – take the drip tray out, give it a wash in the sink, put it back in and just give it a wipe over with a sponge or anything you want that way. If it’s in a dirty area, you’re more than welcome to get a compressor and blow it out or you can even hose it out if you take your plug out and just let it dry for an hour or so and you can plug it straight back in. They are a really great unit and very very hearty. And in six or so years I’ve been dealing with them, there’s never been any issues with these coolers. so they’re a really great cooler.

So just a recap, as long as you use our water in your water cooler they should never really be any need to clean inside your water cooler. One of the only ways that they will get full of green algae or anything like that is if you’re using a water cooler and you’re filling your bottle up from your tank or tap. Because that water does have algae content in it.

Although it’s very safe for you to drink after a prolonged period of time your water cooler will need cleaning. So that’s why it’s very important to always use our water or purified water inside your water cooler, it won’t need cleaning. So I hope that’s answered all your questions on the water cooler cleaning and until next time see you later.

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