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15 CRAZY Water Facts You Won't Believe Are Real

15 CRAZY Water Facts You Won’t Believe are Real

We take water for granted as we go through our days washing, drinking or taking a dip in the pool. But water is pretty amazing and awesome stuff. The next time someone offers you a cool and refreshing glass of pure water to drink, why not reward them with one or two of these crazy water facts in return?

Water fact #1: Have a glass of space water

Scientists believe that all the water on Earth arrived here with comets and asteroids 4.5 to 3.8 billion years ago during the Late Heavy Bombardment period. So the next time you make a cup of tea or drink some water, remind yourself of the fact that you’re drinking the very same stuff that travelled the universe inside comets and asteroids before crashing into Earth.

Water fact #2: Life of a water molecule

Earth is a mostly closed system that can be compared to a terrarium. It loses very little water to space outside of its atmosphere. This means the same water is constantly being cycled through all of the different water systems on earth, including being drunk by us and used in the production of food.

Over a 100 year period a water molecule might spend 98 years in the oceans, 20 months as ice, two weeks as fresh water in rivers and lakes and less than seven days in the atmosphere as a gas, droplets of rain or ice and snow. Or it might spend 30 million years as ice covering the Antarctic.

Water fact #3: 1% of all the water on Earth is fresh water

Only 1% of the world’s water is available as fresh water. 2-3% is locked in polar ice caps and 97% is found as salty water in the oceans. This means that only 1% of all the water in the world is available for drinking or growing food.

Water fact #4: Dinosaur water

That same water that arrived on Earth in asteroids and comets was also around during the time of the dinosaurs. So not only is your glass filled with space water but it has also probably been drunk by dinosaurs too!

Water fact #5: Sticky water

Water molecules are sticky. This stickiness gives water a large surface tension which enables insects to walk on it and allows your blood, which is 92% water, to travel up against the force of gravity in the narrow blood vessels in your body. The surface tension of water also allows it flow upwards in trees and plants.

Water fact #6: It takes 100 litres of water to make two slices of bread            

Every sandwich you eat represents at least 100 litres of water. Growing, harvesting, milling and transporting wheat and other ingredients, and then baking the bread, uses water at every stage of the process. 100 litres of water is required to make the equivalent of two slices of commercial bread!

Water fact #7: It takes 170 litres of water to make 1 pint of beer

Just like bread, the process of growing, harvesting and transporting the hops and barley for beer, along with the manufacturing process, requires 170 litres of water for every pint of beer. So next time you finish a pint, you’ve used the same amount of water as about four minutes in the shower!

Water fact #8: Walking to the moon and back for water

If the distance that all women and children in South Africa walked each day to access clean water was added together it would be the equivalent of walking to the moon and back sixteen times. 25% of each day is spent collecting clean water by women and children in developing nations.

Water fact #9: Your bathroom uses two thirds of all the water used in your home

Two thirds of your household water goes down the drain in your bathroom. It’s estimated that you use 8 litres each time you flush the toilet and 200 litres every five minutes spent in the shower.

Water fact #10: Hot water can freeze faster than cold water

No one knows why hot water can freeze faster than cold water in certain situations. This scientific mystery is known as the Mpemba effect.

Water fact #11: Water is the universal solvent

Water is capable of dissolving more substances than any other liquid, earning it the name ‘universal solvent’. It can dissolve minerals from rocks such as calcium and magnesium. Water can oxidise or destroy more things than sulphuric acid if given enough time.

Water fact #12: Water can be hard or soft

Water can be hard or soft. Hard water contains lots of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium and is usually alkaline. The term ‘soft water’ is used to describe water that is acidic with very few minerals dissolved in it.

Water fact #13: You can live a month without food but only one week without water

Your body can survive for around a month without food but water is so essential to life that you’d only live for up to a week without any water.

Water fact #14: You’re three-quarters water

Two-thirds of all the water in your body is found inside your cells, and your body is around 60-70% water. When you were a foetus you were around 95% water which dropped to 88% during your first few months of life as a baby.

Water fact #15: Water regulates the earth’s temperature

One of the purposes of water in our world’s biosystems is to keep us cool, balancing the heat of the sun as well as the heat we generate by using energy.

Water is amazing – what’s more, it’s essential to our survival. With your health in mind, it pays to drink the purest water you can. So Fresh provides delicious, fresh and healthy drinking water to your office or home so you can enjoy it at its best. Keen to discuss a few water facts around the water cooler? Contact So Fresh to organise FREE delivery today!

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