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Why Choose Purified Water Over Spring Water?

The human body is about 70% water and is the second most vital nutrient. It flushes out toxins, regulates our temperature, prevents dehydration, promotes good health, facilitates weight loss and dissolves the body’s waste products. Therefore it is vital that you consume good quality water. By definition, it is H2O – two parts Hydrogen, one part Oxygen. That’s it – nothing else! No odour, colour or taste! Continue reading

Five Reasons to Choose Filtered Spring Water

Are you looking for a safe, economical and convenient way to stay hydrated? If so, you should consider filtered spring water. Filtered water is becoming increasingly common in homes and businesses. You can source it easily and it provides cool refreshment in its purest form. Whether you need a water cooler for your business, or a bench top cooler for your home, filtered spring water is the way to go. To highlight this, we have listed five of the many reasons why should choose filtered spring water for your home and business. Continue reading

Why Choose So Fresh for your Drinking Water Needs?

Wide Bay is home to one of the most dynamic climates in Queensland. Cold winters are very quickly replaced by hot summers and in the depth of a Queensland summer, the most important thing is staying hydrated. Dehydration is one of the most commonly encountered health risks in Australia and even worldwide. Insufficient water consumption is linked to many other health problems and avoiding these should be at the forefront of everyone’s priorities, especially in the heat of summer. Continue reading

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